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Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.

The ECIR Group: NO Laminitis! Selected for 2017 International Film Festival


The Equine Cushing’s  and Insulin Resistance Group Inc (ECIR Group Inc.) is pleased to announce their film entitled, The ECIR Group: NO Laminitis! has been selected for screening at the EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival (EIFF), this September, 15-17, in Missoula, Montana.

The eight-minute film provides an overview of how equine metabolic disorders have affected horses and their humans. Five equine caregivers describe the consequences of laminitis due to uncontrolled metabolic conditions, and their results when using the ECIR Group protocol — Diagnosis, Diet, Trim, and Exercise (DDT+E).  An overview of the history and work of the ECIR Group and how equine endocrine disease affects so many horses is discussed, and resources for further information and links for immediate help are shared.

“It’s a wonderful, eye-opening, awareness-raising program that will help many horses and the humans that love them and we’re thrilled to share it.” noted Janet Rose, EIFF Director.

The EIFF showcases a wide range of programming and media on equine stories and topics and issues that bring awareness and understanding to all things equine. It is the premier global venue for award-winning equine film, television and other media that bring focus to the horse and other equines and seeks to enhance the equine/human bond and to improve the welfare of the horse.

The film was made possible by generous contributions from A Friend of the ECIR Group, California Trace, Forageplus, and Uckele Health and Nutrition Inc.

The ECIR Group: NO Laminitis! may be viewed on Vimeo
and on the ECIR Group Inc. website,

The film was produced by 1013media of the San Francisco Bay area.

About ECIR Group Inc.

Started in 1999, the ECIR Group is the largest field-trial database for PPID and IR in the world and provides the latest research, diagnosis, and treatment information, in addition to dietary recommendations for horses with these conditions. Even universities do not and cannot compile and follow long term as many in-depth case histories of PPID/IR horses as the ECIR Group.

In 2013 the Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group Inc., an Arizona nonprofit corporation, was approved as a 501(c)3 public charity. Tax deductible contributions and grants support ongoing research, education, and awareness of Equine Cushing's Disease/PPID and Insulin Resistance.

THE MISSION of the ECIR Group Inc. is to improve the welfare of equines with metabolic disorders via a unique interface between basic research and real-life clinical experience. Prevention of laminitis is the ultimate goal. The ECIR Group serves the scientific community, practicing clinicians, and owners by focusing on investigations most likely to quickly, immediately, and significantly benefit the welfare of the horse.