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Equine Cushing’s and Insulin Resistance Group Inc.


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Diamond Benefactors

California Trace

Platinum Benefactors

Hay Chix
Epona Shoe
Beet E Bites
Emerald Valley
Auburn Labs
Soft Ride

Gold Benefactors

Brazos Valley
Horse Tech
Triple Crown
Nazu/Anderson Feed
My Best Horse
Omega Fields
Black Horse Consulting
Ontario Dehy

Many thanks to our Benefactors who have a clearly demonstrated history of supporting the members of the ECIR outreach groups and nonprofit in their quest to support all horses, but most especially those with equine metabolic disorders. 

These businesses represent products and services that are generally recommended safe for Insulin Resistant and Equine Cushing's horses, support the protocols used by the ECIR Group Inc., and have demonstrated a willingness to listen to and work with the ECIR outreach group membership.

Inquiries about participating as a Conference Benefactor should be addressed to: 

For more information about Successful diagnosis and treatment please see: